World Literature I—WLIT 1113

**Note: this syllabus may change at the instructor’s discretion**
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Unit 1: The Archetypal and Epic Hero


Monday, August 26th: Syllabus and Course Introduction

Homework: Read “The Myth Model” on BlackBoard


Wednesday, August 28th: The Importance of Myth and How to Wrestle an Academic Article

Homework: Read Gilgamesh through Tablet III (p. 95-115)


Friday, August 30th: Mesopotamian Introduction

Homework: Read Gilgamesh Tablet IV through Tablet XIII (p. 115-134)


Monday, September 2nd: LABOR DAY. NO CLASS!


Wednesday, September 4th: Gilgamesh and Reading the Old Stuff

Homework: Finish Gilgamesh


Friday, September 6th: Literary Themes


Monday, September 9th: Gilgamesh as Myth

Homework: Read “Heroism: A Conceptual Analysis” on BlackBoard


Wednesday, September 11th: What is a Hero? Assign term project.

Homework: Read “Hero’s Journey” on BlackBoard (link) and watch “Hero’s Journey” (YouTube link on BlackBoard)


Friday, September 13th: Monomyth and the Heroic Journey

Homework: Read The Iliad through Book VI (p. 221-56)


Monday, September 16th: Greece and the Epic Hero

Homework: Read The Iliad through Book XVI (p. 256-283)


Wednesday, September 18th: Untangling the Gordian Knot

Homework: Read The Iliad through Book XXII (p. 284-312)


Friday, September 20th: The Iliad

Homework: Finish The Iliad


Monday, September 23rd: Social Class and Value


Wednesday, September 25th: Greek Heroism


Friday, September 27th: Gilgamesh vs. The Iliad


Monday, September 30th: Review for Midterm Exam

Homework: Study for midterm exam. Bring a blue book!


Wednesday, October 2nd: Midterm. Bring a blue book!

Homework: Read excerpts from “Hero on High” on BlackBoard


Unit 2: The Religious Hero


Friday, October 4th: Religious Heroism and the Ancient Hebrews

Homework: Read “The Story of Samson” on BlackBoard


Monday, October 7th: Samson (and Delilah)

Homework: Read “Joseph” from Genesis (p. 180-190)


Wednesday, October 9th: The Biblical Hero

Homework: Read “Surah 12: Joseph” from the Qur’an (p. 88-93)


Friday, October 11th: NO CLASS. Watch documentary on Islam on BlackBoard.


Monday, October 14th: NO CLASS. Watch performance of The Dojoji on BlackBoard.


Wednesday, October 16th: The Problem with Joseph

Homework: Read The Dojoji on BlackBoard


Unit 3: The Villain(ess)


Friday, October 18th: Introduction to Japan

Homework: Read “Villains, Monsters, and Evil Masterminds” on BlackBoard


Monday, October 21st: FALL BREAK. NO CLASS!


Wednesday, October 23rd: The Dojoji and the Villainess

Homework: Read Medea through Antistrophe I on p. 802


Friday, October 25th: Medea and the Tragedy

Homework: Finish Medea


Monday, October 28th: Medea

            Homework: Read “The Anti-hero” on BlackBoard


Wednesday, October 30th: Villain? Anti-Hero? Article critique 1 due via SafeAssign by midnight.

Homework: Read “Lanval” and “Laustic” on BlackBoard


Friday, November 1st: Marie De France and the Chivalric Lais

Homework: Read Beowulf through “The Fight with Grendel” (p. 107-131)



Unit 4: The Ancient Hero and the Superhero

**View Batman Begins previously to this unit**


Monday, November 4th: Introduction to the Anglo Saxons

Homework: Read Beowulf through “Another Celebration at Heorot” (p. 131-153)


Wednesday, November 6th: Anglo-Saxon Value Systems

Homework: Finish Beowulf


Friday, November 8th: Othering in Beowulf


Monday, November 11th: The Crisis of Aging


Wednesday, November 13th: Beowulf and the Western Hero

Homework: Read “Beowulf to Batman” on BlackBoard


Friday, November 15th: Beowulf as Proto-Superhero

Homework: Read “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” on BlackBoard


Monday, November 18th: Introduction to the American Myth and the Superhero


Wednesday, November 20th: The Avengers


Friday, November 22nd: The Avengers. Article critique 2 due via SafeAssign by midnight.


Monday, November 25th: The Avengers.


Wednesday, November 27th: THANKSGIVING. NO CLASS!


Friday, November 29th: THANKSGIVING. NO CLASS!


Monday, December 2nd: The Avengers as Myth.

Homework: Read “The Significance of the Superhero” on BlackBoard


Wednesday, December 5th: Epic Predecessors to American Values

Homework: Read excerpts from Don Quixote (TBD)


Friday, December 7th: The Problem with Heroism


Monday, December 9th: Class Wrap-Up

Homework: Final project.


Wednesday, December 11th: Final Project Due. Review for Final Exam.

Homework: Study for final.


Friday, December 13th: DEAD DAY. NO CLASS!


Final Exam: Monday, December 16th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Bring a blue book!